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When excellence in architecture meets classic design, something of timeless beauty is fashioned.

Meet “Casa Dei Sogni”. Italian for “House of Dreams”, this Italian villa-inspired home is something to behold.

House of Dreams

It has won countless awards including:

  • Master Builders Downs & Western 2016 House of the Year
  • 2016 Best Individual Home ($1.26-$2 million) in the Darling Downs region and also in all of Queensland
  • Best Residential Swimming Pool in the Darling Downs region and also in all of Queensland
 They are now competing in the national awards and we wish them all best. 

Bringing a Gold Class experience

Over the last few months, our team at Gold Class has been privy to the development of what can only be described as ‘breathtaking’. We’ve worked alongside the team at Downs Designer Homes and have been astounded by the quality of workmanship throughout.

Our task was to bring a world-class experience utilising the latest in technology that matched the class and elegance of this masterpiece. Below outlines the end result.

The Home Theatre

The sound system relies on a 7.2.4 Atmos array. The room is a Dolby Atmos Certified room by Krix with each speaker positioned to reproduce the most accurate sound possible. The Krix Dramatix front speakers are nestled behind an acoustically transparent screen delivering extreme power and high sensitivity. This meant the requirement for traditional boxed speakers was removed, maximizing the aesthetic appeal of the room. The subwoofer setup includes two Krix 11″ subwoofers, built into the cabinet below the screen. The system is amplified using Integra’s flagship model receiver bringing to the room an astonishing power, richness and breathtaking audio experience. Krix Loudspeakers in-walls and in-ceiling speakers are perfectly positioned around the room enabling the sounds of the onscreen story to come from all directions, including overhead intensifying the impact of the experience. 

The 150” screen itself is an acoustically transparent screen made using 4K projection foils from Europe and framed with blackest Fideleo Velvet known to man. Projecting onto the screen is Sony’s multi award-winning 4K home Cinema Projector producing stunning true 4K HDR detail, contrast and colour.  

The theatre’s control package was built for simplicity, utilising state of the art automation to drive the system. Australia’s first 4K Blu-ray player, Apple TV, Foxtel and video games are hidden just below the fixed projection screen.

 The Living Space

The main living room featured x4 completely invisible speakers positioned around the fireplace, and at both ends of the room. This meant the sound travelled evenly throughout the large living area without having to blast one end of the house. Neatly positioned within a custom built niche is an 84” 4K ULTRA HD display, Australia’s largest consumer TV. This space is controlled via a phone allowing the owners to control the volume whether cooking in the kitchen or lounging on the sofa.

The Alfresco and Award Winning Pool

Outside features Sonance 8″ architectural in-ceiling speakers for the ultimate party scene. Whether playing summers number one hits or watching the game on the outdoor TV the sound can be heard while lazying around in the pool, cooking on the bbq or having a siesta in the pool hut. 

Every Other Room

Since we were able to work with the homeowner and builder at the earliest stages of construction, our integrators were able to distribute TV, Internet, Foxtel and HD content to every room in the house. Perfectly positioned in each room is a flat screen LED connecting into the distribution system with a universal remote allowing for simple control.

Every effort was to ensure the standard of excellence was not just in what was seen but also in the ceiling and down walls, to ensure the client’s peace of mind in addition to the comforts provided by this smart home integration.

The biggest win for the client? The entire system is unlike anything else in the region.

For more information about this extraordinary home, please visit Downs Designer Homes.


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