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The “smart home” is something that you’re going to be hearing more and more of over the next few years. Nowadays there’s almost nothing you can’t automate in your home — with the right solution, of course. Dimming the lights, closing the shutters, closing the garage door, arming the security, adjusting the aircon and turning on your complete home entertainment system — all with the simple touch of a button.

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Whether you’re on the couch or out of town, every single one of these everyday tasks just got simpler. You can now rest assured that your home is secure and just how you want it by controlling them all wirelessly and even remotely via your smartphone, tablet or even wearable device.

That’s what makes the smart home, ‘Smart’.

As technology continues to leap forward, our very clever friends at Control4 are not only continually pushing the boundaries of home automation; they’re making it easier to operate and incorporate into our everyday lives.

Control4 - control via smartphone, tablet or wearableControl4 have continued to lead the way with home automation, and this is made evident by yet again taking out multiple awards and reclaiming the title as ‘brand leader’. We looked at these areas in a previous article and they include ‘Whole-House Control and Automation’, Whole-House A/V, Access Control and Thermostats.

Here at Gold Class, we pride ourselves on only working with the best products. Products that not only work as they should but also take your breath away in doing so. We’re ecstatic to be Toowoomba region’s official dealer for Control4 and are astounded by the many great products they have to offer.

Control4 - Smart Home Control

If you’re interested in home automation, Control4 have a great guide we recommend you check out. This guide outlines five things you should know about home automation. You can gain access by simply filling in a simple project form here.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you make your home or business ‘smarter’.



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