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If you are planning on building a new home or renovating any time soon, you seriously need to consider these “Epix” Home Cinema Speakers designed by Krix.

The Epix are seriously “Epic”. They are designed to be hidden in your wall with your projector screen mounted in front of them. Or use them in a LCR arrangement around your TV screen and dye them in the colour of your wall, and you have an extremely discreet but very impressive speaker system. They are priced at $1995 a unit, and they sound significantly above that, a huge achievement for an in-wall design. They are the only in-wall speakers we would recommend for the Sound Enthusiast. And here’s why:

1. For Him: The Electrifying Sound

Have you ever looked up the meaning to electrify? Well we did and it means to cause a sudden sense of thrilling excitement in (someone). And this is exactly what the Epix do – and no wonder, since this is a modified in-wall version of the company’s award-winning flagship Neuphonix. They use six drivers in a proper three-way cabinet. The fully enclosed back-box ensures that no matter where the Epix are installed – acoustic integrity will be maintained. It also ensures minimal sound leakage, so sound will not spread into other rooms in your home (to keep the “Mrs” happy). Super audio sound reproduction, dynamic midrange and deep bass extension are all attributes of this special in-wall design.

2. For Her: Interior Design Excellence

The Epix can be used in dedicated home cinema rooms or multi-functional living environments. The removable grille frame is covered in cloth which can be dyed to match your wall colour – helping the speakers ‘disappear’ in your room.

3. 2015 Award Winning Speaker

Many of our customers have been blown away with the concept. We are the only authorised distributors of the 2015 Award Winning speaker west of Brisbane. So if you are planning a new Theatre Room and need some inspiration talk to our incredibly handsome consultant.

4. For Us: Easy Installation

The Epix In-Wall speaker has been developed to suit 45mm x 90mm or 35mm x 90mm timber stud wall construction.  Here are some of the specifications worth highlighting.



 Check out the Krix website for more reviews or if you want to read more about Architectural Designed Speakers check out the following publication.

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